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Tsueya's feelings

"I want to be a wand that won't fall"


The cane is the foot, the support of the body,
What supports the heart.


Tsueya has opened a cane specialty store with the desire to help customers by thinking of a cane that is one step ahead of the customer, and by being close to people with disabilities and people with disabilities.

To accommodate any customer


Customers who are looking for a cane want to use the product immediately.
In order to meet such customer needs, we have a wide variety of products, respond to any request, and use it with peace of mind. We will propose a cane that suits you from a thorough "customer's perspective".


Message from the President

We opened "Tsueya", a store specializing in "canes", in September 2006, and made every effort to be the best in quantity and quality, and now we have a constant inventory of 200,000.

Having suffered from an intractable eye disease ( designated intractable disease 302: Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy ), I realized what I had seen before and what I couldn't see, and I became convinced of my philosophy and ideal.

Based on our unique management strategy and management philosophy, we have developed and sold abundant ideas as our own products.

Currently, in addition to 5 stores in Kyoto city and directly managed stores in Tokyo and Osaka, we are entrusting many department stores nationwide and holding events (product exhibitions, pop-up stores, etc.).

"Tsueya" will continue to grow with customers first.​​ ..

Holding Hands_edited.jpg

Not only the quality but also the quantity is ranked first.

We, "Tsueya," have many stores specializing in canes and walking sticks in Kyoto, and also sell special events at department stores nationwide.


From standard wooden walking sticks to high-end walking sticks made of lacquer and carbon, practical walking aids such as folding and telescopic walking sticks, and fashionable products that are particular about design, we offer our customers a lineup of products and concierge services that only a specialty store can offer. We are welcoming you.

History of Tsueya


the year of 2000

→ Established "Nursing Care Housing Remodeling Center" in Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto


→ September: Tsueya Marutamachi store opened * It was the first "cane specialty store" in Japan.

→ October: Acquired a registered trademark at "Tsueya"

Initially, the company had a monthly sales of only about 500,000, and the founder, Sakano, suffered from severe disability due to poor eyesight due to the pressure of management difficulties and overwork. However, when I saw many visually impaired people living hard and brightly at the rehabilitation center for the visually impaired, my thoughts changed completely. The company began to develop products by listening to the voices of users, and its business performance improved sharply.


→ Received the "Sarai Grand Prize" service category


→ Changed the company name to "Tsueya Co., Ltd." * Department store event sales started in January.


→ Expanding "moving sales of canes" nationwide from spring



→ Launch of "Heaven's Stick"

* It has a structure that does not use flammable maple and screws.

It was the first cane that could be used as a cremation burial item .

→ April: Exhibited at "Barrier-free Exhibition" held in Osaka

* Exhibited new products such as the original product "staircase cane".


→ December: "Crowdfunding" will be held * A large number of supporters will be obtained​​ ..


→ January: Promote website reforms for full-scale operation of EC sites.



2022 _

April 25, Shinmon Mainichi Shimbun "100 Years of Life Club"


November 12 TV TBS "THE TIME"

March 16 CATV Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association Kinki Branch "Sankanou"

> Page 270 "Kansai Three Great Idea Games"

March 01 TV MBS "Chichin Puipui"> SDGs Recommendation # 11



November 21 TV Kansai TV "Yoi Don"> Living National Treasure

October 07 Radio KBS Radio "Tsueya Tsue-dake Stick Talk"



September 13 TV Tokai TV "News One"

> The latest situation of the stick that does not fall

June 11 TV NHK "Gogo Nama"

February 08 TV TV Asahi "Super J Channel"

March 14 TV TV Asahi "Super J Channel"

February 19 WEB Asahi Shimbun Digital

> "Products that can be delivered by a specialty store in Kyoto by walking around with a cane even in heaven"

January 31st WEB Mainichi Shimbun Local Edition "Kyoto no Hito no Hito"


July 03 WEB  EIDEM's local media "Jimokoro"



October 27 TV Kansai TV "Yoi Don"

> Icchan Takamon HOW MUCH !?

October 24 TV Nippon TV "Monday Late Show"

July 10 TV TBS TV "Gacchiri Monday !!"

March 10 TV TV TOKYO "Charge 730!"> Special feature on mobile sales



May 28 TV Yomiuri TV "Kansai Information Net ten."

April 02 TV Daily Broadcast "Takeshi Domoto no Yakarane"

April 06 TV NHK "NHK News Good Morning Japan"


September 24 TV MBS TV "Chichin Puipui"> Young Husband 21

June 16 CATV J: COM (Kansai area) "Kyoto mourning for love dancers"

> Nijo Castle <Part 2>



October 20 TV Kansai TV "Business Kansai"

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year 2012

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June 01 TV Yomiuri TV "Osaka Honwaka TV"

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January 29 TV NHK "NHK News Good Morning Japan"

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June 09 TV KBS Kyoto Broadcasting "Taniguchi na Yoru"

February 28 TV Asahi Broadcasting TV "Good Morning Call ABC"



November ?? Sun CSTV Kansai TV ☆ Kyoto Channel > Kyoto Chachacha

November ?? Sun Radio KBS Radio "Care Company"

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