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We operate high-end cane stores in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo,
and we are also developing events and pop-up stores at department stores nationwide!
Always in stock 200,000!
We are selling a wide variety of walking sticks and canes (10,000 types) ♪
Furthermore, the online shop is being updated at any time ☆
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The best partner in "your life".
A Cane supports is "your body and life".

​"TSUEYA" will provide "canes" for customers & by the customer's perspective.

Offer the Perfect cane as the best partner in your life.

any time

Not only online but at physical stores

We will answer your request!

Please feel free to contact us.


Always in stock 200,000!

With an assortment of 10,000 types

You will surely find the perfect one for you ♪

reliable quality

"TSUEYA" original professional staff

 "Cane Concierge"

We will respond kindly and politely!

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